Platts: New Iraq-Turkey oil line not possible in 18 months

The construction of a new oil export line from Iraqi Kurdistan to Turkey is not possible with the 18 month timeframe suggested by Kurdish officials, a Turkish energy ministry spokesman told Platts Friday.

Turkish energy minister Taner Yildiz wants a new pipeline but has not given a possible timeframe for its construction, the spokesman said.

There have been no feasibility studies, tenders or pipeline ordered so the completion of a 970 km pipeline within such a short timeframe is not feasible, the spokesman confirmed.

He was commenting on reports that Kurdistan region minister for natural resources Ashti Hawrami had said that a new 1 million b/d line could be operational within 18 months to two years.

Sources close to the Iraqi Kurdish side confirmed to Platts Friday that the new line will be constructed to carry heavy crude from fields such as Sheikhan separately from the lighter crude produced by fields such as the Genel-operated TaqTaq field.

SOURCE: Platts, 2013  ……..READ MORE……………..


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