Putin: Russia lacks effective mechanism of eco payments by companies

Russia does not have a comprehensive mechanism for ecological payments by companies for using natural resources, but it should be cautiously introduced in order to avoid overloading the economy, President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday, as cited by RIA Novosti.

Putin said that such a mechanism is widely used by developed countries and helps to protect the environment.

“It is an additional burden for business, and we should be very careful when making any decision so that the economy is not overburdened by these requirements. But we understand that if we do not do this, we will have nothing despite our vast territory,” Putin said.

“We need to improve the efficiency of state environmental control and restore the system of ecological control at enterprises,” Putin said.

The main task is to minimize the risks of ecological emergency situations, Putin said.

“I underline that we need real control… not checks for checks’ sake, which only create an administrative, bureaucratic burden on enterprises and business as a whole,” he said.



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