InSerbia: South Stream Pipeline Will Not Endanger Environment In Serbia

The South Stream gas pipeline is one of the most advanced projects in Europe in terms of environment protection and will not threaten the environment in Serbia, according to what was said at the first public debate on the effects of the pipeline on the environment.

Rigorous measures will be implemented in constructing the pipeline and during gas exploitation, enough to ensure no changes to the environemnt, officials of the companies South Stream and Srbijagas said at the meeting, organized by the Serbian Ministry of Energy, Development and Environment Protection.

South Stream Technical Director Pavel Persidski said the pipeline would stretch 422 km through Serbia and go around populated areas, archeological and other other sites bearing cultural and historical significance.

The pipeline will be laid at a safe depth and all agricultural land that is dug up will be restored to its original condition, he stated, adding that care had been taken to place compressor stations at greatest possible distances from populated areas.

Once the pipeline is in use, all the compressor stations will be monitored constantly and according to the latest standards, South Stream official in charge of ecology Konstantin Medvedev remarked.

Handling natural gas carries the least risk in terms of the environment, and the route of the pipeline is such that its effect on the environment during construction will be zero, he pointed out.

Srbijagas official Dusan Medic informed the participants of the meeting about a study evaluating the pipeline’s environmental impact, which was conducted by experts from the two companies and the Jaroslav Cerni Institute.

 SOURCE: inSerbia, 2013

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