Russian min: Belarus asks for 23 mln tns of oil supplies for ’14

Belarus has asked Russia to supply 23.0–23.5 million tonnes of oil in 2014, while Moscow is offering 21.0 million tonnes, Russia Energy Minister Alexander Novak said Thursday.

Novak said that the countries are still holding negotiations on the oil supplies. He said on Tuesday that Russia may agree on the amount of oil supplies to Belarus for 2014 by Sunday.

Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said Thursday that the two countries might sign an agreement on oil supplies by the end of this year, but this will depend on “the whole complex of relations” between Russia and Belarus.

The countries started negotiations on the oil supplies for 2014 in late November.

A source said in November that Belarus had asked Russia to supply 24 million tonnes of oil in 2014 to fully load its oil refineries. Belarus wanted to receive 23 million tonnes of Russian oil in 2013, and supplies were at 5.75 million tonnes in each of the first three quarters of this year.

Moscow and Minsk faced difficulties with the balance for October–December after major Russian fertilizer producer Uralkali CEO Vladislav Baumgertner was detained in Minsk in August. Dvorkovich said in late November that oil supplies to Belarus would amount to up to 20 million tonnes in 2013.



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