As part of the program of increased efficiency in the Exploration and Production the Company has started to apply the technology of hydro-fracturing with foam at its oilfields. It is the most modern method used in the exploitation of inaccessible reserves of hydrocarbons. The technology fully meets the EU standards related to environmental safety. NIS’s partner in this project is the company Halliburton (USA).

The use of technology of hydro-fracturing with foam allows minimized environmental risks in oil production. The technology concept includes pumping of the foam and gel mixture into the oil-bearing layer in the field, thus resulting in an increased volume of produced petroleum. The use of foams in hydro-fracturing allows avoidance of any layer damages, with a positive effect on the production efficiency. The technology and reagents used in such operations are environmentally safe and friendly.

Implementation of the program of hydro-fracturing with foam was developed and introduced by the NIS Scientific and Technical Research Center, together with colleagues from the “Gazprom Neft”. Implementation program for this technology is a pilot project that will, if successfully realized, be widely used in the Exploration and Production. The pilot program value is about EURO 1 mln. By the end of 2013 the plan is to implement the program in five wells belonging to NIS which are located on the territory of Serbia. Program implementation will prioritize those fields where reserves are considered as inaccessible.

“For us, the priority locations for these operations will be the following oil fields: Turija North, Elemir, Martonos West, where due to reduced pressure in the layer there is a need to apply modern technologies such as hydro-fracturing with foam. As an active ingredient Proppant will be used in these operations (ceramic granules of identical dimensions), and injected under high pressure into the oil-bearing layer. According to current estimates, this technology is absolutely safe from the point of ecology and its application will enable efficient operations in the wells that should have been conserved otherwise” – said the director of the Reservoir Engineering and GTA Department, Slobodan Andjusic.

SOURCE: NIS Gazprom Neft, 2013


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