EurActiv: EU diplomats agree to 7% biofuels cap

EU ambassadors have agreed to a 7% cap on biofuels made from food crops in transport fuel, in a move environmentalists say is a “timid step” in the right direction.

The diplomats meeting Wednesday (28 May) to prepare EU ministerial councils, passed the proposal, which included the reporting of emissions from indirect land use change (ILUC) and a target for ‘advanced’ biofuels.

The target for advanced biofuels, which include fuels from agricultural waste and residues, was set at 0.5% for transport fuel, however it is non-binding. Member states can also lower their target as long as they as they offer an explanation.

This was the main change to the previous text proposed by the Lithuanian EU presidency, which member states rejected in December. The text does not include the accounting of ILUC emissions within EU clean fuel targets.

“It’s a weak deal but it’s better than no deal,” Marc Herman Oliver, a biofuels analyst for Oxfam, told EurActiv. It marked a “timid step in the right direction”, he said in a statement.


Source: EurActiv, 2014


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