The rural route to a more energy-secure Europe

Renewable energy sources, including bioethanol, should take centre-stage in Europe’s push to decrease its dependence on Russian oil and gas imports, writes Rob Vierhout.

Rob Vierhout is Secretary General of ePure, the European Renewable Ethanol Industry Association.

In 2014, Europe is remembering the tragic consequences of two World Wars.  The under-rated miracle of the European Community, then Union, not only helped to deliver Western Europe from a state of self-destruction to peace, but also provided the framework for almost 50 years of steady economic growth and the creation of a European social model that is the envy of the world.

However, a mixture of globalisation, technology and sometimes-misguided policies is now combining to threaten this stability. As Europe struggles to recover from its worst economic crisis for nearly 100 years, we face a huge challenge to remain competitive, provide good jobs for our youth, and regain our leadership position.


Source: EurActiv, 2014


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