The Voice of Russia: Disruption of natural gas supply would cause consequences for EU

Any disruption of the Russian natural gas supply via Ukraine would cause significant consequences for the EU, European commissioner Guenther Oettinger says.

“The issue of energy security once again became a political priority due to concerns regarding tensions between Russia and Ukraine. Russia is our main energy supplier and Ukraine is a key energy resources transit country for the EU. In this context any disruptions of supply would cause significant consequences for the EU and the whole of Europe,” Mr. Oettinger said during a roundtable discussion on the EU energy policy.

Guenther Oettinger, Europan Commmissioner for Energy, and Yury Prodan, Verkhovna Rada-appointd Ukrainian Minister of Energy and the Coal Industry, meet here on Wednesday to discuss matters concerning a reverse supply of natural gas to Ukraine via Slovakia and prospects for a resumption of three-sided talks on natural gas among Moscow, Kiev, and Brussels. The meeting will be a closed-door one and no specific decisions are expected to be made, an official in the European Commission (EC) press service said.

“The meeting will be of technical nature and will be held in a closed-door mode,” the EC official pointed out.

According to to the TASS news agency, at the meeting, Ukraine expects to discuss the possibility of giving greater scope to reverse deliveries of gas from Slovakia. The European Commission intends to study the possibility of a resumption in mid-July of the three-sided talks among Russia, Ukraine, and the European Union on prices of natural gas and Kiev’s debt.

The EC reported earlier that the maximum amount of gas supplied from Slovakia in a reverse mode might be about eight billion cubic metres of gas a year. A price of reverse-supplied gas has not yet been confirmed.

The EC announced earlier that it hoped for a resumption of the three-sided talks in mid-July, emphasizing that it does not regard contersuits as an obstacle to the talks. European users currently receive gas in full amount.


Source: The Voice of Russia, 2014


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