Gazprom supplying gas to Europe in line with contractual obligations

A working meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Gazprom Management Committee Chairman Alexey Miller took place today.

Alexey Miller reported to Vladimir Putin that European consumers were receiving gas supplies entirely in line with contractual obligations. The total accumulated gas supplies for export exceeded the planned amount by 3 billion cubic meters by early September.

According to the Hydrometcenter forecasts, the upcoming wither in Russia will be colder than usual. In this regard, Gazprom’s prioritized activity now is gas injection into underground gas storage (UGS) facilities. The Company raised the planned amount of working gas for injection into Russian UGS facilities to 72 billion cubic meters. This is the maximum amount that will be pumped in Russian UGS facilities in the entire history of the gas industry. Now the gas storages contain 63.5 billion cubic meters of working gas. It is planned to complete the injection within the next six weeks.

Gazprom is also filling up UGS facilities in Europe. The Company has already pumped 3.8 billion cubic meters into European gas storages. Overall, it’s planned to pump 5 billion cubic meters.

The Power of Siberia (eastern route of Russian gas supplies to China) is progressing according to schedule. The negotiations have been initiated concerning gas supplies from Western Siberia to China via the western route.

Alexey Miller stressed that Gazprom was ready to meet the growing demand in the Chinese market, in the east, and in the European Union as well.

The meeting paid special attention to the regional gasification in Russia.


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