NOVINITE: Bulgaria Braces for Possible Disruption in Russian Gas Supplies

Fearing a price dispute between Moscow and Kiev may lead to disruptions in Russian gas deliveries via Ukraine, Bulgaria is preparing to avert a gas crisis in winter months.

According to Bulgaria’s caretaker deputy premier for economic policy Ekaterina Zaharieva, the Russian gas supplies are highly likely to be affected by tensions between Moscow and Kiev prompted by a dispute over prices.

Zaharieva told reporters in Sofia on Wednesday that the cabinet is concerned that the dispute, which hasn’t been resolved yet, may lead to a repeat of the crisis of January 2009, when Russia halted gas deliveries to Europe via Ukraine for two weeks. Bulgaria was among the EU countries worst hit by the stoppage.

The European Union, Russia and Ukraine are expected to resolve the price issue at a trilateral meeting but yet another delay to those talks has fuelled concerns that a new gas supply crisis is looming. Bulgaria, which relies almost entirely on Russian supplies to meet its gas needs, takes delivery of those supplies only through a pipeline via Ukraine.

Source: Novinite, 2014


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